Mini-raid turned into boss pwnage!

Well, we went into Kara tonight to make a quick kill out of Maiden. We did. In fact, we did so well that we had more time than we thought, so we went to go see a show. We snuck in and were informed we were going to see the Wizard of Oz. Evidently, as some sort of joke, the show was changed after we prepared and arrived at the stage.


We quickly scrambled at read up on Little Red Riding Hood and ‘Owned’ him on our second Opera attempt ever. Awesome job, thanks to everyone that was able to come along tonight!


Moroes Dies Mistakenly Attempting to Kill OOM!!!

Yup, finals are over and we had a great turnout tonight. We even had to turn many people away. However, vengeance was ours and we killed Moroes with a few attempts and a really solid group. Good job everyone! Gratz on a great kill and another completed semester!


Now onto Maiden, she’ll probably be added later this reset. (We did get her to 42% tonight on a bad pull.)

Raid Calendar 4/15-5/15

GroupCalendar was updated this morning with a tentative raid schedule for the next month. Some of these will and won’t happen but it should give everyone a good idea of where we are trying to head.

Remember the GroupCalendar channel is OOMRaid with no password. Also, at the moment my toons are the only ones that have the schedule synced, if you are in a rush to get it before this evening’s raid, use my MSN or Xfire and I’ll get a toon logged on to sync up with you and spread the schedule like a virus! Mwuhaha!

The web calendar will be updated at a future date. (If you saw through this as a childish, blatant, excuse to get everyone using GroupCalendar… Good Job!… er, I mean, I would never do something like that…)

Karazhan Week 3

Day 3

It simply didn’t happen. We only had 6 people with everyone we could muster. Perhaps this was due to a wrong time in GroupCalendar, perhaps something else.

All regular attendees need to start indicating in the forums if you cannot make the dates and times that are being chosen. No one is communicating back to us and so I am grasping at straws choosing dates and times almost at random to see which are more successful.

The entire idea of GroupCalendar (and the forum signups) is so that we know ahead of time what sort of turnout we can expect and if we need to invite other guilds or friends in advance. I’m not sure you can picture how frustrating it is to put time into organizing these events and having it all go to waste. I know there are some people that are here to merely attend the raids and get loot, but I know there are some of you that really would like these events to get rolling and succeed in a long term fashion. If you aren’t sure where you can contribute, just ask.

Day 2

We got Moroes down to 3% on our first attempt. After that every attempt seemed to have freakish happenings leading to our demise or a reset. We did get two trash drops, Boots of Elusion for Thunderous, and Zierhut’s Lost Treads for Arguyle. We are having a definite shortage on tankage.


Day 1

Tonight we managed to scrounge up enough people to start this week in Karazhan as planned, Attumen died with little trouble, we finished the second quest, and had 1.5 attempts on the Maiden. Thanks to Meluna, Onsone, and Annalesia of Sans Emo for helping to fill out the raid tonight!

Remember both this Friday and Saturday we will be continuing to push forward through the tower. Please indicate your attendance in GroupCalendar, the channel to set it up on is OOMRaid with no password. Should you have any questions about the setup or operation of this mod please see me in-game.

On Sunday there will be the option of a fourth day if there is enough interest. Please post your availability in the new Raid Signup Forums.

Attumen Down!

We had a blast tonight, killing Attumen on our second attempt with 9 people. We called it early when our tanks needed to get to bed for early wake ups tomorrow, and so we left on a high note running into the banquet room naked.


Thanks for those that attended and to those working hard to get keyed so they can attend. Pay attention to the OOM forums for future signups.

Out Of Mobs now has a place on the net to call its own. This page will be used to post news and events. In addition is the direct address to the OOM Forum.

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