And we went 6/9N the first night!

The bosses dropped like a prom dress tonight.  Great job guys!  6/9N with little issues.  It’ll be fun to be on KJ come Thursday.  We’ll be moving into heroic ahead of schedule, which is very nice.

And of course, in true Oleic fashion, I didn’t take any screenshots.  Cause I mean, why would I remember to do something like that!?  I’ll snag those next week!

AOTC Nighthold!

AOTC Nighthold

And another AOTC has been earned!  I’m proud of each and every raider that showed up tonight to drop Gul’dan.  We walked in and instantly hopped into sub-30% wipes.  Followed by a little bit of tweaking, tightening up of mechanics, and then boom- kill!

With Tomb right around the corner now is the time for the team to get ready!  Thinking Out of Mobs might be a good fit for you?  Hit me up in game some time and let’s chat!  My BTag is Jarg#1591.  I’m still looking to round out the roster with a couple exceptional ranged DPS.  Brownie points for those with healer off-specs.

Oh- and for once I didn’t forget the screenshot!

Heroic Gul'dan

Heroic Gul’dan

Heroic Tichondrius: DEAD

And if you thought I’d get my shit together long enough to take a screenshot, you’d be sorely mistaken!  At this point I have a reputation to hold up…

But yeah, Heroic Tichondrius is dead now.  Another boss moving to farm status in Heroic Nighthold.  Elisande and Guldan are our targets for next reset!  And after a little while of getting everyone familiar with the first two phases of Elisande, I expect to see her added to the farm list very soon!

Edit (3/10/17): hey, I remember to snag a screenshot for the hell of it!

Heroic Tichondrius

Heroic Tichondrius

7/10 Heroic Nighthold… and a lack of screenshots

In true Oleic fashion, I managed to screw the pooch with taking screenshots!  I swear I need to put up a post-it note as a reminder…

But nonetheless, <Out of Mobs> is officially 7/10 Heroic Nighthold.  We dropped Heroic Botanist and Heroic Spell Auger both on 2/17!

Tichondrius will drop this reset.  And hopefully Elisande as well!

Recruitment continues to go on.  If you’re interested in raiding with us be sure to take a look at our recruitment needs over to the right.  And then check out the recruitment page to learn more about our team!

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