The Galleries are up and running. I went ahead and did a fresh install with a new database. You will need to recreate your login. However, if you had pictures in your Gallery before the pictures are saved and can be reuploaded when you remake your account.

In other news, all sections of the site are up and running.Please post if you have any problems in the forums.

New Signups

The new Signups are up and working. Please make a new account, create your characters, and abuse the system.

Roster page is also up and running although at some point I still want to finish working on its theme to fully integrate it into the site. Galleries are down as of writing this though. I decided to just re-install the program and import all the galleries.

New Webhost

The site is now running on a new webhost. Please post in the forums if there are any slow downs or times when you are not able to access the site.

The Signups, Roster, and Galleries are not operational at his time. I will be re-installing them from scratch and they will no longer be tied to the Forums user accounts. The Forums, Signups and Galleries will all have separate user logins and accounts. You will have to make an account/login for each section of the site separately. I am doing this because the login and sessions table for the forums database got wrecked during the old hosts slow down times and in such took out the Signups and affected the Roster as well since all three were running off the same database.

RAID Signups

Signups above in the navigation menu.

A Raid signup system has been installed. We will be using PHPRaid for now. PHPRaid uses the same database as the forums so your forum login works in the Raid Signups as well. Please register with the forums to make a login if you do not have one. Add a character for yourself and begin using the system to signup for raids.

Out Of Mobs now has a place on the net to call its own. This page will be used to post news and events. In addition is the direct address to the OOM Forum.