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Jul 13

5/9H and Recruiting!

<Out of Mobs> went 5/9H this week, after one-shotting Mistress and just needing two pulls on Sisters!  Screenshots?  Yeah right.  Might have to make a WeakAura to remind us of that! Normal is being dropped from our weekly schedule starting next reset.  So <Out of Mobs> should be seeing significant heroic progression starting now!  To that end, …

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Nov 17

Heroic Emerald Nightmare = FARM STATUS!

Heroic Xavius

A handful of pulls later and Heroic Xavius is on the list of defeated!  Out of Mobs officially has heroic Emerald Nightmare on farm status.  Just in time to gear up for Nighthold! Looking for a fun raiding guild?  OOM is looking for select ranged DPS, and a single non-druid healer, to round out the …

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Sep 20

Emerald Nightmare Is Here!

And <Out of Mobs> is ready to begin raiding!  Thinking of joining?  We’re especially looking for ranged DPS going into this week’s raids.  Head over to our recruitment page to get a feel for raiding with OOM, and reach out to us!