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Jul 21

Desolate Host and Maiden of Vigilance: DEAD

Heroic Maiden of Vigilance

Two more bosses dropped tonight.  This brings <Out of Mobs> to 7/9H.  Great job team- now for Avatar and Kil’Jaeden to fall next week! Looking for a new home?  We’re looking for more raiders!  Especially recruiting ranged DPS right now.

Jan 26

3/10H and Normal Cleared

No screenshots- I suck, I know!  But we’re officially 3/10H and 10/10N!

Jan 19

And Now We’re 8/10N

Normal Star Augur Etraeus

Goodbye Star Auger and Botanist.  Onto the last two!

Jan 12

Oh Helya!

Heroic Helya

And another heroic raid goes on farm status!

Dec 27

2 Down – Bye, Bye Protectors!

Out of Mobs – Doomhammer has downed their second heroic tonight, leading The Fallen Protectors to their demise!

Sep 03

New Raiding Home

Out Of Mobs has made an expansion to Zul’Jin.

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