About Us

<Out of Mobs> was started back during vanilla as a community of individuals looking to play the game, and have a good time doing so.  And over the years, that very core ideal has remained the same.  As one of the oldest guilds still existing on the Doomhammer/Baelgun server, <Out of Mobs> prides itself on remaining true to itself and its long-time members.

As a raiding guild, <Out of Mobs> is proud to support a very low turnover rate.  Very rare does a member leave <Out of Mobs> to raid elsewhere.  Our casual environment, where home and life comes first is welcomed by most who join our ranks.  And the fact that we do not sacrifice our desire for progression only backs that up.

Today the typical <Out of Mobs> player is actually in their late 20s to mid 30s.  Of course there are players running both ends of the gambit, but that has become to normal demographic.  Many of those in the <Out of Mobs> ranks have families of their own at home.  Most juggle a challenging work life as well.  For that reason, when an <Out of Mobs> player dedicates time to this game, it’s expected that time will be filled with fun and results.

Interested in joining the <Out of Mobs> team?  Read over the Recruitment page linked at the top. Feel free to jump on our Discord server, linked above, to get to know us.  And of course, take a look to your right for our current recruitment.  But don’t let your class/spec not being on that list deter you from applying!  We’d still love the opportunity to chat!