5/9H and Recruiting!

<Out of Mobs> went 5/9H this week, after one-shotting Mistress and just needing two pulls on Sisters!  Screenshots?  Yeah right.  Might have to make a WeakAura to remind us of that!

Normal is being dropped from our weekly schedule starting next reset.  So <Out of Mobs> should be seeing significant heroic progression starting now!  To that end, we’re looking for players to augment our roster.  We’re especially seeking ranged DPS (a boomkin and another hunter would be great).  Come join our push to T20 AotC!

1/9H and 8/9N- End of the first week

Great job team!  We’re walking out of the first week of Tomb at 1/9H and 8/9N.  We’ll be dropping KJ this next reset, and should hopefully end 3/9+ in heroic.

Alts will begin running normal Tomb this coming Sunday too.

We’re still looking for ranged DPS to round out our team.  If you’re interested please do not hesitate to reach out to Oleic in game (BNet: Jarg#1591).

Oh… and I’ll try to remember screenshots this coming week.  I really need to put a sticky not on my monitor to remember these going forward!

And we went 6/9N the first night!

The bosses dropped like a prom dress tonight.  Great job guys!  6/9N with little issues.  It’ll be fun to be on KJ come Thursday.  We’ll be moving into heroic ahead of schedule, which is very nice.

And of course, in true Oleic fashion, I didn’t take any screenshots.  Cause I mean, why would I remember to do something like that!?  I’ll snag those next week!

AOTC Nighthold!

AOTC Nighthold

And another AOTC has been earned!  I’m proud of each and every raider that showed up tonight to drop Gul’dan.  We walked in and instantly hopped into sub-30% wipes.  Followed by a little bit of tweaking, tightening up of mechanics, and then boom- kill!

With Tomb right around the corner now is the time for the team to get ready!  Thinking Out of Mobs might be a good fit for you?  Hit me up in game some time and let’s chat!  My BTag is Jarg#1591.  I’m still looking to round out the roster with a couple exceptional ranged DPS.  Brownie points for those with healer off-specs.

Oh- and for once I didn’t forget the screenshot!

Heroic Gul'dan

Heroic Gul’dan

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